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2.住宿入房時間為15 : 00 後,退房時間11 : 00前。
5. 入住請出示身分證件或護照辦理入住登記。
6. 溫馨海景家庭四人房. 花園海景四人房.友善海景四人房皆為12坪,海景VIP四人套房為15坪並附設浴缸。
7.  超過入住人數之八歲以上孩童或超過100公分,加床需收取費用NT$800/每人(農曆春節期間費用另計)。八歲或100公分以下孩童,不佔床與家長同住,不收取費用。
8. 響應環保及安全衛生因素,建議貴賓自行攜帶盥洗用具及浴毛巾,本民宿會提供基本盥洗用品。
9. 入住時間請勿超過22:00,延遲入住請務必來電通知!

Terms and Conditions
No smoking, chewing areca seeds, gambling and cooking in the rooms allowed.
Check in time is after 15:00, check-out before 11:00
We reserve the right to reject visitors and additional people without prior warning
Sorry, pets are not allowed at this cottage
Please show your ID or passport when you check in
Ocean-view Room for four, Garden Ocean-view Room for four and Friendly Ocean-view Room for four all measures 432 Sq. Feet in dimension, the VIP Ocean-view Room for four measures 540 square foot and includes a bathtub.
Additional NT$500 for each additional person over the age of 8 or over the height of 100 CM (about 3 feet 3 inches) [Different rates apply during holiday seasons] No extra fee if the additional person is under 8 years old or under 100 CM (About 3 feet 3 inches), and does not require an extra bed. 
※ 住宿日前3日內不得延期(除人力不可抗拒因素外),延期訂金保留3個月(僅限延期一次), 並請重新訂房,恕不另行通知。
※ 當日不接受退房,如欲更改房型、房數、延期請於一週前通知。
1.旅客於住宿日當天取消或怠於通知者沒收訂金總金額 100 %,不接受減少預定房間數或天數,訂金恕不退還,敬請見諒。
2.旅客於住宿日前1天取消訂房扣訂金總金額 80 %
3.旅客於住宿日前2~3天取消訂房扣訂金總金額 70 %
4.旅客於住宿日前4~6天取消訂房扣訂金總金額 60 %
5.旅客於住宿日前7~9天取消訂房扣訂金總金額 50 %
6.旅客於住宿日前10~13天取消訂房扣訂金總金額 30 %

Please place an deposit of 30% of the total cost on the day of your arrival, the remainder can be paid out upon departure
No change of dates allowed within 72 hours of reservation (unless caused by uncontrollable weather conditions). With an extension, the deposit can be held for up to 3 months, only one extension is allowed. Please make additional reservations separately.
Please make any editions to the reservation one week prior to the reservation.
We will charge 100% of the deposit for cancellations on the day of reservation or cancellations without notification. We do not accept decreasing room numbers or number of days and the deposit is non-refundable.
We will charge 80% of the total deposit for cancellations one day prior to the reservation
We will charge 70% of the total deposit for cancellations four to six day prior to the reservation
We will charge 60% of the total deposit for cancellations seven to nine day prior to the reservation
We will charge 50% of the total deposit for cancellations ten to thirteen day prior to the reservation
We will refund the entirety of your deposit for cancellations two weeks prior the reservation
If the Taitung government agency announced typhoon warning, or the guest is unable to reach to hostel due to unavoidable natural causes, such as traffic interruption or natural disasters, the deposit can be kept for the next visit for up to one year. 

1. 住宿一晚,提供精緻美味早餐,提供時間為早上8:00~10:00。
2. 提供汽車、機車、腳踏車租賃資訊、旅遊建議服務。

3. 提供火車站及機場接送(需事先來電0905-631051與管家預約)

公共設施 : 冰箱、飲水機、茶包、雀巢Dolce Gusto膠囊咖啡、大廳無線寬頻上網

Our hostel provides carefully crafted breakfast from 08:00 Am to 10:00 AM
We provide car, scooter, bike rental information, and suggestions for touring the areas as well
We provide refrigerator, water, tea bags, Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee capsules and free Wi-Fi

★預約訂房,請於三日內預付房價30%之訂金,若於保留時間內, 未收到匯款訂金,則以付訂的客人為優先,並且不另行通知。


戶  名:鄭明秋 先生

代  號:006

帳  號:0390-765-335259

◎匯款後請務必來電或簡訊 告知您的匯出帳號後5碼(存摺帳號),以確認您的訂房
連絡電話:管家 0905-631051

Deposit information
In order to make a reservation, please pay 30% of the total cost three days prior to your stay. If we do not receive the deposit within the time frame, we reserve the right to service the guests who have paid the deposit without prior warning.
We do not accept reservations during the Chinese New Years vacation, Please pay the deposit within two days  after booking
We cannot reserve the rooms if the deposits for the rooms are late.
Deposit Bank information
Bank Name: Cooperative Bank taitung
Bank Code: 006
Account Holder: Mr. 鄭明秋
ID number: 006
Account Number: 0390-765-335259